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Should I Be In The Cloud?

Many Organizations find themselves asking this question.  The answer isn’t simple and as with almost every IT Solution there are pros and cons to having vital applications and data in the cloud.  The first thing step in finding the right deployment for your environment is to ask yourself one simple question.  How critical is my data security?

The more critical your data security, the more wary you should be of cloud solutions.  With millions and millions of lines of code in modern operating systems and programs, it is virtually impossible to guarantee data security for anything short of an air gapped network.  An air gapped network has no access to the internet and is therefore as secure as your physical site security.  However, the vast majority of Organizations need access to the internet and email and therefore have no guarantee of data security.

That being said, an Organization can internally control their security and risk exposure far better than any hosted solution by a large provider.  Hackers believe in getting the most bang for their buck and therefore prefer large targets.  This is why viruses and malware attack Microsoft based products far more often than Unbunto, Mac or other less widely deployed operating systems.   With billions of deployed installations, a virus or malware program targeting Microsoft products can reap millions of dollars from stolen information.