Sean Walsh Consulting, LLC

Management Team

Sean Walsh, President and Sole Proprietor

Sean Walsh has been an IT Professional for over 34 years. He began his IT career in 1981 as the developer of the pilot program for tracking emergency information, grades and test scores for Los Angeles Unified School District.  He spent 16 years as a Senior Systems engineer and Chief Technology Officer for a Westport Connecticut consulting firm before founding Sean Walsh Consulting, LLC in 2015.

His clients have included fortune 500 companies such as IBM, General Electric, Levis, Bank of America, Medtronic and Louis Dreyfus.  He also has worked with hospitals, construction companies, manufacturing companies, law firms, police and fire departments, school districts, transit authorities and municipalities.

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of IT systems and solutions. He holds or has held professional certifications from Microsoft, HP, Cisco, and Novell.  He is a member of Mensa and prides himself on his professional integrity and superior technical skills.